Nightclubs all over the UK are a growing fatality of the recent credit crunch. Many businesses have been affected and a current statistic shows that nightclubs are not getting away with an easy ride as one in eight have been closed during the past year. The public have turned their backs on many open doors, alternatively attending pubs and staying ...Read More


Whatever your views on the situation, it’s impossible to deny that file-sharing and piracy have had a big effect on the dance music world. Compilation sales are drastically lower than 10 years ago for the vast majority, and there are scarce amounts of money in record sales for all but the most successful of dance music artists. Running a ...Read More


INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SUMMIT – IBIZA SPAIN, 26/27/28 MAY The Ibiza International Music Summit have revealed more names taking part in the annual Dance Music Conference. Now in it's third year, IMS:10 is taking place from May 26th - 28th in Ibiza. Created by Pete Tong as a place to do business, network and learn about the latest developments in electronic music, the ...Read More


Hi, I'm Billy Grant and am Managing Director of 2Point9 Management & Jayded Records.  I began working at Telstar Records in 1994 on compilations where my main job was championing the trend for mass marketing ‘niche’ compilations (which was great fun) before moving into A&R working with the likes of artists such as PJ and Duncan (you have ...Read More


The Digital Economy Bill was passed today by 189 votes to 47, after two hours debate in it’s third reading at the House Of Commons and has managed to keep the majority of its original clauses intact. The Bill received last minute support from the Conservative Party and despite some opposition the Government managed to get Bill vote through with relative ...Read More


Some positive news for the British music industry emerged for a change on Sunday that revealed that the growth in digital music royalties had now out stripped falling CD sales for the first time ever. Online music sales royalties grew by 72.7 per cent to £30.4 million, with more and more consumers downloading music from stores such as iTunes. Around 16.1 ...Read More

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Andy McAllister runs Ground Level Records, a dance music label that’s about to celebrate it’s third birthday. Starting off in the music industry as a drummer in his teens, Andy was playing regularly in his native Scotland, when he got interested in electronic dance music and production. After a few years of crude production, he widened his skills to encompass DJing, coming of ...Read More

whosampled Ever wondered what that sample is in that record you love? Well now you can thanks to a website called Who Sampled. Their mantra is ‘exploring & discussing the DNA of music’. Who Sampled are in the process of compiling the ultimate database of sampled music and cover songs. Currently they’ve added direct links between over 25,000 songs and 10,000 artists ...Read More


The Music Void present an exclusive video interview with Rob Wells, the Senior Vice President of Digital at Universal Music Group International on Muzu TV in a frank discussion with host and founder of MV Jakomi Mathews to find out how we regain and sustain a healthy working music-business? Rob discusses his views on the future of music, covering piracy, new ...Read More


Chris Goss is half of the partnership behind Hospital, one of the UK’s best loved independent record labels. Chris set up Hospital in 1996 with Tony Colman, following their early 90s excursions in jazz and soul as Tongue+Groove Records. Together they made music as London Elektricity, as well as a host of other pseudonyms, until Chris withdrew from recording work in ...Read More