The Beginning Of The End For Nightclubs?

Nightclubs all over the UK are a growing fatality of the recent credit crunch. Many businesses have been affected and a current statistic shows that nightclubs are not getting away with an easy ride as one in eight have been closed during the past year. The public have turned their backs on many open doors, alternatively attending pubs and staying at home. Staying at home has become a recent favourite option due to two different factors; the smoking ban and cheap alcohol being provided by supermarkets. Pubs are now seen as more accessible by many teens as they can be somewhat cheaper and often provide large, lively smoking areas. Alongside this the discounts offered by supermarkets and cheap booze readily available, clubs have no chance. Jonny Forsythe, of Mintel stated that ‘Customers, especially the core of 18 to 24 year-olds, have less money to spend. If young people do decide to go out, they are more likely to stay drinking in pubs late at night’. According to this market research company 355 nightspots have shut in the last year, this is a total of 13% of the country’s 2,722 hotspots. With on average 6 nightclubs closing a week, it leads us to question the future of the club scene.

Source: “Lights Go Out In Clubs” – Metro (19/07/2010)

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