Rob Wells – Universal – Speaks About The Future Of Digital

The Music Void present an exclusive video interview with Rob Wells, the Senior Vice President of Digital at Universal Music Group International on Muzu TV in a frank discussion with host and founder of MV Jakomi Mathews to find out how we regain and sustain a healthy working music-business?

Rob discusses his views on the future of music, covering piracy, new commercial models, social-networking, search-engines, live-music, new online music portals and mobile music are all explored and discussed.

The Music Void – Rob Wells on MUZU

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“Launched in 2007 in order to address the need for greater music industry analysis within the blogosphere, The Music Void has since grown to become a leading source of music business information, covering all major aspects of the sector and offering opinion pieces from outspoken personalities, key industry executives and insightful contributions from their team.”

“Jakomi Mathews is a digital music practitioner who has worked with many successful digital music companies since completing his MA in Music Business Management and has built an impressive network of the music world’s leaders and innovators. Previously, Jakomi worked as the Business Strategy and Development Director at Oplayo, a Finnish-based horizontally integrated mobile solutions company and launched Music Void Consultants to provide strategic and marketing consultation for the likes of Diageo, Synrgzy, Hutchinson 3G, Find Tunes, jTV and a number of record labels.”

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