Personal Copying Of Music & Film From Physical Now Legal

Vince Cable, the Government’s business secretary, is moving to legitimise the “ripping” of digital copies of music and movies from physical discs for personal use and other copyright exceptions, following recommendations in the Hargreaves review of intellectual property. This move would once have seen to be the harbinger of doom for copyright owners but with hindsight it is clear that this move is both justified and has been a long time coming.

“We are determined to explore how exceptions to copyright can benefit the UK economy and support growth,” Mr Cable said. “Private copying is carried out by millions of people and many are astonished that it is illegal in this country.” I agree that this quirk in copyright law was drawn up initially with good intentions but its is clearly out of date and owners of music should be able to use the album they have purchased on their personal music players and computers. Of course sharing and copying for others or distribution it is without doubt illegal and will remain so.

Prof Hargreaves’s independent review of intellectual property, published in May, recommended a wide range of changes to the UK’s copyright regime, including granting exceptions for parody videos and so-called “format shifting”, such as copying CDs to an iPod.

Lavinia Carey, director-general of the British Video Association, said such a change would be “extremely damaging”. “It’s for the rights owner to decide how to offer the [digital] copy,” she said. “People will find it much harder to forecast revenues to investors who are looking at funding new projects”. Additionally movie industry representatives oppose the change to allow format shifting, which would allow for digital copies of DVDs to be made for personal viewing on tablet computers such as the iPad.

In my opinion this has been happening for years across and from a consumer point of view is exactly what I feel I should be entitled to do with my purchase for my own personal consumption and I welcome the move made by Vince Cable to change this outdated law.

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