Judge Orders BT To Block Pirate Website

A High Court Judge has ruled that BT must block their customer’s access to the website Newzbin 2 which illegally was providing links to pirated movies following a case brought by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) which represents a number of movie studios including Warner, Disney and Fox.

BT and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) will return to court in October to work out how the blocking will actually work. BT has said they will not appeal the ruling. Mr Justice Arnold’s ruling has made this a landmark case as it is the first time an Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been ordered to block access to such a site. After the initial site which was based in the UK was taken down it was quickly re-set up abroad and outside of the UK’s jurisdiction – making a mockery of the system and continuing to infringe copyrights.

It is my personal opinion that this to be a sensible approach that will go someway to combating the huge and every present issue of illegal downloading. As long as it is applied equally to all ISPs this ruling is fair to both BT (ISPs) and Copyright Holders and could be a template of how to move forward with future cases. BT describes the judgement as “helpful” and the MPA has signaled its intention to pursue other ISPs to make the ban complete.

However, it must been seen that this is only the start. Film studios and copyright holders also have their part to play. Demand for these illegal services is there for a reason. People want this content. It needs to be made available to them in one form or another when the consumer wants it and at an appropriate price. Some people will obviously still not want to pay for it – and to an extent they will always be able to get hold of it. But the harder copyright holders make it for potential illegal downloaders to source this material and make it available as easily as possible legitimately copyright holders will be able to convert as many people as possible.

The next stage in the process is how to deal with File Sharing and P2P sites.

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For a more detailed article and to make up your own mind – check out the source article: BBC News

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