Dance Music Vs Piracy

Whatever your views on the situation, it’s impossible to deny that file-sharing and piracy have had a big effect on the dance music world. Compilation sales are drastically lower than 10 years ago for the vast majority, and there are scarce amounts of money in record sales for all but the most successful of dance music artists. Running a label has to be a labour of love these days, unless you build other businesses around it, and producers have no choice but to DJ or tour incessantly if they want to survive. Living off just making music isn’t an option any more.

Whether any of this is necessarily a bad thing depends on who you ask, but the bottom line is that music is being spread around the internet without the consent of the people who made it and own it. As the dance music industry has always been the earliest to embrace new technologies – leading the way with digital downloads for example – and because it only ever seems to be the big record labels we hear from when matters of piracy and such are concerned, we decided it was time to gauge the feeling in our world.

We asked over 200 record label managers, PR agents, producers, artists and promo companies to complete our survey, so as to give some indication as to the feelings and opinions of our industry with regard to file-sharing, piracy and everything that goes with it.

What emerges from our results is that the vast majority feel that their business has been affected by piracy, and that the process of trying to get copyright-infringing links taken down from Google and sharing sites is both something which is not widely understood and a process that doesn’t always succeed. And while the three strikes system of punishing persistent illegal downloaders that is to be introduced in the UK seems to be favoured by a majority, only a small percentage of those surveyed believe that only the users should be targeted by anti-piracy measures – rather than tackling the supply side of the problem as well or instead.

Dance Music Vs Piracy, survey undertaken by Data Transmission.
Original article written by Ben Gomori
Please click here for the full article and the survey results

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