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I’m Trevor McNamee and I run Jalapeno Records and Floorplay Music. I’ve been working in music for about 16 years and have run my own label for 8.

Jalapeno specialises in the funkier and more leftfield side of dance music and Floorplay is straight up house.
We’ve never had a record in the charts in the life of the label yet every year we have grown and made a living from working in our niche. It’s important to find your spot the business and work it as best you can.

I joined AIM after a few years of running Jalapeno and found the training and advice invaluable. After years of working in bigger companies where there was lots of interaction with others, I felt a bit cut-off running my own business and the sense of community AIM brought was very welcome.

EDIT is a new addition to AIM’s activities and it feels like AIM did in the beginning for me but even more so. There has been a genuine open-ness and willingness to share ideas amongst the members which is a rare thing in a competitive world.

I’m happy to offer any help or advice I can to those who are new to the business.
Feel free to email me on trevor(at)jalapenorecords.com

For more about Jalapeno visit www.jalapenorecords.com

For more about Floorplay Music visit www.floorplaymusic.com

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