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MD and co-owner of Media Records Ltd established in the UK in 1992 and successfully operated in the dance music market ever since. Media Records started in Italy in the late 80’s with the advent of cheaper sampling technology and found instant success with The 49ers and Capella.
During the 90’s Peter followed the Media Italy model of having in house studios and he himself producing hundreds of records with countless DJs and artists. Many hits followed as well as a large number of underground successes.
The Nukleuz Label was established by Peter in 1996 initially releasing house, garage and funky house with Tito Puente Jnr’s “OYE COMO VA” being a huge club success that still resonates today.
Within 2 years Nukleuz was releasing more and more techno, trance and Hard House as the scene got harder with Producers like BK, Mauro Picotto, Mario Piu, Fergie, Any Farley, Lisa Pin Up etc releasing their tracks on Nukleuz. Again a number of these went on to be big Hits but mostly Nukleuz became the number one 12″ label in the UK selling up to 500,000 vinyl a year by 2001 and wining the Music Week dance label of the year award in 2002 (usually won by major label brands). Media records Ltd has been an active member of AIM,
since its inception and Peter has never hesitated to contribute his thoughts and ideas.

Peter felt there was a need for a more Dance music focused forum that could help the AIM dance labels and also encourage non AIM dance labels to get involved.
He felt we had been hit by a series of massive problems with companies going bankrupt and the whole shift to digital and the a group knowledge would be beneficial.
It is also a forum where people understand each others issues more than those of rock, indie, folk, classical etc labels.
That’s not to say we don’t share mutual goals and problems, its just we have more similar experiences.

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