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SHED Records is a small Indie Label established in 2007.
Our main artist is Natisse www.natisse.com
We are running a re-mix competition at the moment involving the UKk’s biggest Club owner company. Clubs including Liquid, Lava & Ignite, Oceana……
Guaranteed peak time plays for an entire month on Friday and Saturdays and a worldwide release through SHED is just part of the prize. Full details are on the Natisse website.

We are blessed to have released 3 singles and achieved 3 Top 20 Commercial Club Chart results – one top 10. We believe releasing multiple re-mixes of each single has been a big part of this success i.e. a mix for most DJ’s should be found on the release CD and would recommend any individual or label considering a release do the same. We typically release a Trance, Electro, House, Funky House and a more underground mix each time, but it varies from release to release.
There are a number of support companies that do a great job of getting your release to key DJ’s…. we use Euro Solutions.

We would also recommend Fastrax for video distribution to TV etc. Our resulting first 3 videos have been broadcast in pretty much every gym in the country and in up to 9000+ retail outlets because of this service.
Obviously with any of these services, you have to have a good product to start with and it does cost money, so make sure your release is as good as it can be before considering this investment of time and money.
Another tip would be Music2Radio who have a worldwide DJ/Radio network for delivering your mixes to the people that matter.

For more about SHED visit www.shedpublishing.com

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