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Danny Ryan, is Managing Director of Kudos Records Limited, an independent physical and digital distributor based in Kentish Town, North West London. Kudos Records was established in 1992 and distributes for over 300 labels, with genres ranging from Deep House and Electronica, to Funk, Soul, Jazz and Folk.

Kudos provides independent labels with a wide range of services, including physical and digital distribution, manufacturing, fulfilment and retail marketing. In an era of relatively easy access to digital markets, Kudos believes in a highly selective, curatorial approach to label selection, providing added value with a collective brand identity which indicates the highest quality.

“During this seemingly never ending period of transition it is vital that we work collectively to ensure tomorrow’s music industry is even more vibrant, creative and diverse than yesterday’s, that access to market is unencumbered, and that creativity is rewarded equitably. I believe the major challenges we currently face are industry wide challenges, and will ultimately require industry wide solutions.”

Danny sits on the new media committees of both AIM and The BPI trade organizations.

For more information on Kudos Records www.kudosrecords.co.uk

Danny occasionally post thoughts, ideas, and rants here kudosrecords.blogspot.com

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