Whatever your views on the situation, it’s impossible to deny that file-sharing and piracy have had a big effect on the dance music world. Compilation sales are drastically lower than 10 years ago for the vast majority, and there ...Read More


INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SUMMIT – IBIZA SPAIN, 26/27/28 MAY The Ibiza International Music Summit have revealed more names taking part in the annual Dance Music Conference. Now in it's third year, IMS:10 is taking place from May 26th - 28th in Ibiza. Created ...Read More


The Digital Economy Bill was passed today by 189 votes to 47, after two hours debate in it’s third reading at the House Of Commons and has managed to keep the majority of its original clauses intact. The Bill received last ...Read More


Some positive news for the British music industry emerged for a change on Sunday that revealed that the growth in digital music royalties had now out stripped falling CD sales for the first time ever. Online music sales royalties grew by ...Read More

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Meeting 4 of EDIT took place on Wednesday 13th Jan 2010 at The Goats Tavern. Firstly the committee considered progress made by EDIT to date, what labels have got out of the committee so far and what the expectations are going ...Read More


We've had as many discussions about piracy at the EDIT meetings as almost anything. We've found some good stuff out and thankfully we do feel there are ways to suppress this if you wish to have it suppressed. Of course, ...Read More


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The following article is taken from the FatDrop blog at, and is a comparison of the major digital download stores in the marketplace today. As the smoky, noisy and frequently unfriendly record shops we all love become a thing of ...Read More