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The Sony/PIAS distribution centre in Enfield was sadly destroyed in the riots last night in London (8th August). As seen on the news big hitters such as Sony had their stock destroyed, but also and perhaps more heart breaking for ...Read More


Next month's TUC annual three day conference in London will see The Musicians' Union push to back a move to give people a choice on whether or not they work for free as they feel that professional musicians are being ...Read More


Vince Cable, the Government's business secretary, is moving to legitimise the “ripping” of digital copies of music and movies from physical discs for personal use and other copyright exceptions, following recommendations in the Hargreaves review of intellectual property. This move ...Read More


Vince Cable the Government's business secretary has scrapped plans this Wednesday which would have introduced the blocking of illegal filesharing websites as set out in the Digital Economy Act last year. He announced that site blocking is too cumbersome and ...Read More


A High Court Judge has ruled that BT must block their customer's access to the website Newzbin 2 which illegally was providing links to pirated movies following a case brought by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) which represents a number ...Read More


Unless you've been on tour in Antarctica lately, you've no doubt at least heard of Google's new social platform called Google+. More than 20 million early adopters have already jumped on it during its early invitation-only phase. Perhaps you got an ...Read More


So far, I’m not quite old enough to entertain any worries about the youth of the nation or the deficiencies of their character. Plenty of today’s young adults actually strike me as irritatingly great: Growing up with the ...Read More


HMV had sales of more than £2bn, in it's last year of trading. It currently has 600 stores in the UK and employs 13,000 people. It is also responsible for more than a third of all music CD sales here ...Read More


The UK Government made an announcement that it will take another look at plans to block websites that infringe copyrights which made up part of its controversial Digital Economy Act (DEA). This decision comes following a number of complaints about ...Read More


Nightclubs all over the UK are a growing fatality of the recent credit crunch. Many businesses have been affected and a current statistic shows that nightclubs are not getting away with an easy ride as one in eight have been ...Read More