"Meet Bertie Big Balls, the A & R guy! A tongue in cheek account of our experience in the music industry :-)" Streetlife DJs Tim Binns at Newstate introduced this to us at MIDEM. Hilarious and very realistic (albeit a ...Read More


The third meeting of EDIT saw a special guest speaker arrive - Carl Wicker from music protection company RipBlock, a company that could have massive implications for any independent label looking to protect its music in the run up to ...Read More


Meeting 2 of EDIT took place in the MPA Board Room on Wednesday 15th July, a collection of labels and individuals presenting a united front for the dance community. Following from the first meeting at AIM, there were no issues ...Read More


The first meeting of EDIT took place on Friday 1st of May, in the Board Room at AIM. In attendance were, Tim Binns - New State Entertainment, Max Bloom - Concept Music, Chris Goss - Hospital Records, Michael Fuller - ...Read More


If it's dance or electronic music... Whatever music you make, that's cool. Wherever you make it that's cool. We're here to help you make the most of your business opportunities. The experience and collaboration of professionals pooling their knowledge and experience for the ...Read More